Garment products


Churidar materials
Embroidery Sarees
We offer our customers a well designed churidar designed by professional designer using high grade raw materials, it is beautifully designed by various designs and methods. The fabric that we use is very smooth and skin friendly.
Churidar materials are also available is traditional forms like Bengal cotton, silk cotton, synthetic and many other types of materials in our esteem are designed after much research. We design each and every churidar material in a perfect manner.
Professional fashion designer designed the Sarees in our industry. We fabricate Sarees from top quality material, so you feel comfortable with our Sarees. We fabricates the Sarees in different model various kind of color combination and sophisticated work.
Embroidery is the skills to embellish the cloth with needle and different threads. We made variety of embroidery such as machine embroidery, thread embroidery and color embroidery in sarees.

Bed Sheets
Pillow Cover
We have several varieties of towels such as Bath towels. Face towels, Dish towels. Towel is a sterilizable piece of cloth with good water absorbing capacity used to mop up. Each and every size of the towel is designed according to its purpose in our esteem.
We fabricate different variety of bed sheets from different material such as cotton, silk, raya and cotton with polyester as per as requirements of customer. Our industry practices special technique to fabricate these bed sheets. So it gives long durability.
We design the obtrusive pillow cover and we export it to all over the world. We assume the durability of pillow cover because it fabricated from high quality material. We design different varieties of pillow cover such as embroider, trendy design pillow cover.
Dhoti is a traditional dress for man, Even today men’s wear this dress occasionally. The purpose who wore dhoti reflects rich heritage and culture at the mean time it also look gorgeous. In our esteem, we offer most traditional and high quality dhotis.
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