Spice products

Black Pepper

Black Sesame
Bishops Weed
Cumin Seeds
Black pepper possesses several medicinal properties and is often used in powdered form. We supply fresh and well-packed black pepper renowned for its sharp aroma and rich taste.
Black sesame has a very strong aroma and is rich in fatty oil. The small, flat seeds are also high in minerals like calcium and iron. It is used in cooking. Apart from the flavoring aspect, black sesame is also highly nutritional known to enhance the health of kidney and liver.
These khaki coloured and highly fragrant seeds are often used in the powdered form in various dishes. Also known by the name Ajwain seeds, these are believed to act as a digestive aid and act as an anti-septic. The medicinal qualities of these seeds were acknowledged from the days of charaka.
Cumin seeds are known globally for their distinctive flavor and aroma. These are used in a variety of cuisines worldwide and are used in some variants of Dutch cheese also. Cumin seeds are rich in iron and are very beneficial to the body. It stimulates the appetite and detoxifies the body.
Turmeric is bright yellow spice powder extensively used in cuisines world over and is finds application in cosmetics and antiseptics. The Indian variety is considered the best in the world and is used in a variety of edible services.

Dried Red Chillies

Green Cardamom
Red hot in colour and hot spicy taste complimented by a distinctive aroma, dried red chillies are often added to hot oil and fried giving a lovely flavor to the dish. Well-packed under hygienic conditions, the quality and freshness of our supply is never out-matched..
Fennel is used as a mouth freshener apart from the use in cooking and garnishing dishes because of its aromatic flavor
Yellow amber coloured spice which helps in digestion and is also used in hair-conditioners, pickles etc.
Green cardamom consists of a green pod which holds small black colored seeds which is uniquely perfumed with a strong and unique taste. It acts as a flavor in both drinks and food. We supply them in air-tight packing to preserve the taste and aroma for a longer period.
Small, round seeds colored from yellowish white to black often used as a flavor in a variety of meat related products apart from enhancing the digestive system.

Red Chilli Powder

Turmeric Finger
Red chili powder prepared from fresh red chilies in order to make the delicacies more tasty and colorful and provided in best packing to ensure that freshness and aroma remains intact for a longer period. It is an indispensible ingredient in cooking various
These aromatic dried buds give a numbing effect to the mouth and are used as a flavor in food and beverage. Cloves often help resolve stomach upset.
The hot and fragrant root of the ginger plant is used in delicacies, confectionaries and also in medicines.
Bright, Yellow-colored, mildly aromatic, bitter flavored turmeric finger is supplied in the proper packing to maintain its quality and freshness.
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